Balanzan Theme, Nice Ubuntu Theme

Ubuntu comes originally with the Human-theme, but since Ubuntu is using the Gnome desktop environment it is possible to change the theme to any other Gnome theme to enhance your Ubuntu experience. I have found a really nice theme for my Ubuntu desktop. It retains the brownish coloring of Ubuntu and it looks really nice and light.

Now How to install it ?

add the following lines at the end of your sources.list if it’s not already in it :

##Themes du ZgegBlog: Project Bisigi

deb jaunty main

deb-src jaunty main

Then open a terminal and do:

sudo apt-get update  && sudo apt-get install balanzan-theme
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~ by Salimane Adjao Moustapha on April 26, 2009.

26 Responses to “Balanzan Theme, Nice Ubuntu Theme”

  1. Merci pour le Ubuntu Theme. Il est tres bien et jolie.

  2. Thanks, Very good theme

  3. Hi thank you very much for enriching the community

    I have a question about how to add these lines to my source.list?

    I use Ubuntu 9.04.

  4. @Mohammed

    your sources.list is located at /etc/apt/sources.list

    so open a terminal and type :

    sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

    then copy and paste the repos you would like to add .

  5. thanks bro !

  6. Wow.. really liking this theme, and your ‘to do after installing 9.04′ post. Great work – very helpful!

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  8. This is, by far, the best theme I’ve ever used!

    Many many thanks mate, I really appreciate your work!

  9. How do i get this installed in Ubuntu 8.04??

  10. i did as u told .. i pasted this
    ##Themes du ZgegBlog: Project Bisigi

    deb jaunty main

    deb-src jaunty main

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install balanzan-theme
    did this also..
    but i didn’t find this theme in my change backround option.
    please help me.. i really want to have this theme…
    am using 9.04 jaunty,

  11. @suju
    first i assume you’ve edited /etc/apt/sources.list with the repos, then run “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install balanzan-theme” as you said. then if you right-click your desktop and click on the option “Change Desktop Background”, click on the “Theme” tab you should find a theme called “Balanzan” in the list. Click on it and you should be all set up.

    • thank you bro

      but i have recently posted a new thread.please help in this..
      i can’t access net and sound gone.

  12. I have come to like the brown as I use the default theme for Ubuntu 8.04, but my only gripe is the shade of brown that is used.
    However, this theme has the perfect shade of brown for me, but one I have come across so far. Maybe you could push this theme or similar as a default for the next LTS. Thanks, again.

    I usaully do copy/paste from the Launchpad PPA sites when adding sources, so for those who do it this way here is the Launchpad PPA for Bisigi site:

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  14. Wowww.. nice theme. Thank =)

  15. Hi, where can I find more screenshots of this cool theme?

  16. Hey man thanks for the theme, it rocks!

    But one thing: I am still getting the default 9.10 login wallpaper/theme. I would like the Balanzan one, how do I do it?


  17. @Keith
    Go to System -> Administration -> Login Screen and select the login window you prefer

    • Thy might have changed the way ‘Login Screen’ operates. Now it only gives me the option to login automatically or to “show the screen for choosing who will log in”.

  18. Theme is Great!! Liked it a lot

  19. As-salaamu alaikum…the theme is not showing up in theme section when I try to change it

  20. Gracias!!! muy buen tema!!! excelente!!!

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